CargoMateTM Pro MP-A

SIZE: 7x10x30”

MATERIAL: Automotive grade aluminum with textured, powder-coated finish for added grip.


INCLUDES: Two nylon cam lock securing straps with rubber coated S-Hooks.

The CargoMate™ MP-A is perfect for transporting: appliances, cabinets, lumber, furniture, lawn & garden, sheet goods up to 14 ft. in length and much more. The MP-A can also easily and discreetly remain attached to truck beds for convenient daily use in transporting groceries, propane tanks, and many other small, everyday items. The red color of the MP-A meets all legal requirements and ensures no additional flag required for overhanging loads. Angled at 22 degrees, it allows you to securely place hooks when placed against a flat surface. The light weight, high strength aluminum makes the MP-A both simple to install and easy to store.